What is Barrie Wedding Deals and how does it work?

Barrie Wedding Deals is a directory of local wedding vendors, with one central feature - deals offered from vendor to bride. On Barrie Wedding Deals, the bride does not only find her perfect wedding vendor, but is also able to plan a wedding on a budget. The customer returns weekly in the process of planning her wedding, to find deals in multiple categories. One week she could book a photographer, the next a florist, and the week after that she could return to find a hair stylist.

At least 90% of brides these days are on a budget, and therefore are most likely to choose the services of a wedding vendor, who is displaying a special promotion at the time of booking.

Barrie Wedding Deals offers a solid solution for vendors interested in direct exposure to a very specific audience: engaged couples in Barrie Ontario and surrounding areas. Our website is engineered to serve local brides and grooms only, delivering a filtered and credible clientele to your business.

To participate, simply sign up for your free listing, pick a date to post your deal, and begin making sales!

I am already listed on several directories, why should I list my business on Barrie Wedding Deals?

There is no better platform that offers you direct contact with your target audience. Your business will be seen by hundreds of local brides, who are specifically searching for vendors in Barrie and surrounding area.

Barrie Wedding Deals utilizes advanced features not seen in other directories to give your listing the best exposure. For example: your listing is organically bumped based on the amount of attention it receives. The more likes and reviews it receives, the higher your listing appears (similar to a popular comment on Youtube). You can also raise your ranking by bumping up your ad or display it on the home page (similar to Kijiji).

Does my business have to be located in Barrie in order to participate?

No. We accept vendors from all of the surrounding Ontario areas such as Aurora, Newmarket, Alliston, Bradford, Collingwood, Orillia, and more.

How do I know my business will be found?

On Barrie Wedding Deals, your business will not just be easy to find, it will be hard to miss. The fact that brides are returning regularly to search for new deals, makes Barrie Wedding Deals an extremely high traffic website. We also offer multiple contests and giveaways which contribute to the website's popularity.

Barrie Wedding Deals is also highly optimized for search engines with endless local search terms. No more being lost on huge American directories! Although these websites may seem large and impressive, they simply cannot guarantee you the same online traffic, no matter how much you're paying. The traffic they promise is widely spread and not localized to Barrie, or even to Ontario. Because these websites are serving all of North America, so they cannot possibly focus on the local search terms local brides are typing in.

As a vendor, we will never let you get lost on our site either. We encourage our vendors to write in with articles and wedding tips which will be proudly displayed on the home page from week to week and linked to your profile. In developing this website, we are also hoping to develop a sense of an online wedding community. Brides are able to contact you, ask you questions about your products, redeem the deals that you offer, and of course tell their friends.

When brides register to receive deals by email, they are given an option to select the types of deals they are most interested in. The email blasts we send are sorted according to individual interests.

Is my profile free?

Yes! Your profile, complete with pictures, likes, and client reviews is completely free, however, vendors who choose to advertise in addition to their free profile report making 4x sales

How much does it cost to post a deal?

Posting a deal is a fantastic way to advertise your business, and posting a deal on Barrie Wedding Deals is extremely affordable. We accommodate all budgets: big and small. Our advertising starts at $5.00/week, and even our single, MOST EXCLUSIVE spotlight on the home page is available at an affordable $45.00/week. We are constantly running discounts on these prices, depending on the season, so check often and save big on advertising!

Please don't forget that once your ad is up, it is visible to hundreds of visitors for 7 days and 24 hours per day. That is quite different than an advertisement on the radio, that may or may not be heard, or posting an ad on Facebook that is constantly rotated and may or may not be seen.

Would you like to post a deal now?

What kind of deal can I post?

As a vendor you are able to select from 3 types of pre-designed deals: Budget, Executive, and Exclusive.

The Exclusive deal appears by itself on top of the home page, so it is literally seen by every visitor to the website. The Executive and Budget Deals appear in specific vendor categories. We guarantee that these deals will be seen by all of the visitors to your category, due to the fact that we do not rotate or swap ads, allowing you maximum exposure. Your deal will always be displayed; regardless of how many times the user revisits or refreshes the page.

During select weeks you will also have an opportunity to post an Executive Grand deal, a large stand-alone banner in your category. This banner can be submitted to us as a final product, or you can choose to have it created by our in-house design team free of charge. Posting an Executive Grand Deal is highly effective, due to the fact that while this deal is posted, no other advertising is permitted in your category.

Exclusive, Executive, and Executive Grand deals require at least 1 high resolution photo, specific to the deal that you are posting. It does not have to show the exact product but it must be relevant. (e.g. If you're marketing a $300 gift certificate towards a wedding gown, your deal should have a picture of wedding gowns, a bride and groom, or something similar) We can also choose a professional picture for you (a $15.00 charge will apply). The Budget deal does not require a picture.

The content of the deal is entirely up to you.

Will my deal be linked to my profile?

Yes, indirectly. When you post a deal, you will be asked to complete an additional page which explains the details and conditions of your deal. This page will be linked to your deal, as well as to your profile. This page will be removed when your deal ends.

What's the best way to get my business noticed on Barrie Wedding Deals?

The best and easiest way is to post a deal. Brides are coming onto the website to find deals and vendors. An advertisement posted by you will be led to your profile. Once they are there, they can check out your pictures, read all about you, and contact you through the website.

You can also bump up your listing, or have your listing displayed on the home page. We also encourage you to submit tips and articles that we can display on the home page and link to your profile.

Where will my business listing appear?

Your business listing will appear in your category – flowers, catering, music and dance, etc. Listings with the most likes will be displayed highest, but secondary to listings that have been bumped up.

Am I allowed to advertise in the same spot for more than one consecutive week?

Yes, please visit the "advertise" page for advertising conditions.

Can I buy multiple deals at once?

You sure can. If for example, you would like to run a different deal every month, we can reserve those time slots for you in one shot. We also offer discounts for such packages. Contact us to discuss your options!

Does Barrie Wedding Deals work like Wag Jag or Groupon?

Not exactly. The similarity is that you are able to post a deal from your business and have it seen by thousands of customers. The difference is that the client does not purchase the deal from us, but simply contacts you to redeem the deal. We also do NOT collect a percentage of your profits. Barrie Wedding Deals takes things one step further, by offering you a platform to socialize with your customers.

I don't have a website, can I join Barrie Wedding Deals anyway?

Yes! In fact many vendors have reported using their Barrie Wedding Deals profile to generate more leads than their own websites! You can also connect to your profile with Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Do I have to post a minimum number of deals per year to be listed on Barrie Wedding Deals?

No, you do not. The number of deals you offer per year is up to you, but we strongly advise that you remain active on the website. We can bring the brides to you, but it's your job to keep them interested and coming back.

The dates when I wanted to post my deal are sold out, what do I do?

You can book the next available date on the calendar, and post a supplemental deal (a link that goes on the "this week's deals" page) while you wait).

Why does my deal have to start on a Monday?

Our team dedicates Fridays to designing, preparing, and putting deals in the queue. Your deal will be posted promptly at 9am on Monday morning ensuring that you get exposure for a full 7 days and 24 hours per day.

Do brides have to pay to use the website?

NO. Barrie Wedding Deals is absolutely free for brides and grooms.

Why Barrie?

Our experience as Barrie wedding vendors faced us with the fact that Barrie and the north of Toronto lacks in resources for local online advertising. We wanted to build a website that features our local community and the sought after northern wedding experience.


We hope you have found all of the answers you need. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know. Your question will be added to FAQs.